About us

Why G.A.G.A.?

G.A.G.A. stands for “Gruppo Ascolto Giovani Arcobaleno” (Young Rainbow Support Group). Our association has become an important and unique reference point in Vicenza and in the surrounding areas. We support young people and the LGBT* (lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender) community.

Who do we reach out to?

We offer a peer-to-peer support to omo-bi-transphobia victims, to whomever wishes to come out and needs help during the process and to LGBT* refugees and asylum seekers.

Our Team

G.A.G.A. is a group of 20 volunteers, either LGBT* activists or common citizens. Our team has been trained to help people with every need and for more complicated cases we can count on the help of Psychologists, Lawyers and Doctors.
Our mail goal is to make everyone understand that whatever one is going through, no one is alone. We believe that the best way to express it is through a peer to peer support: young people will meet people their same age, parents will meet parents, trans gender people will meet trans gender people and asylum seekers will meet asylum seekers.

What can we do for you?

Our volunteers are trained with constant and full information beeing able to focus on the needs of each person. In doing so thay can help everyone also by addressing one to the LGBT* association that fits one better.

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